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Ylijännitesuoja 550 volttia paneeleiden ja invertterin väliin, asennus 35mm. din kiskoon.

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Ylijännitesuoja poistaa ukkosen aiheuttamat ylijännitepiikit ja suojaa järjestelmää salaman iskulta 550 volttia aurinkopaneeleille.



Ylijännitesuoja 550 volttia aurinkopaneeleille. Suojaa laitteistoa salamaniskuilta suodattamalla ylijännitepiikit pois.Asennus 35mm din kiskoon.

Short-current interription overload protection
Operating temperature range
-40℃ + 80℃
Normal discharge current
Response time
Operating state/fault indication
green(good) ;Red(replace)
Conductor rating
60/75℃ 1.5mm2 /14AWG Solid/ Flexible
and cross-sectionalarea
60/75℃ 35mm2 /2AWG Standards /25mm2/ 4AWG Flexible
35mm din rail per EN 60175
Enclosure material
UL 94V0 thermoplactic
Degree of protection
3 Modules, din 43880
Standards information
IEC 61643-11 Type2, IEC 61643-1 Class Ⅱ

The designed function of the SPD is to protect all kinds of electrical equipment in the power system from lightning over-voltage, operation over-voltage, power frequency transient over-voltage impact damage to an electrical appliance. The SPD surge protector can offer 100% lightning protection for PV DC systems. The electrical circuit or communication lines because of outside interference peak current or voltage suddenly, the surge protector can in a very short time conducting shunt, so as to avoid damage to other equipment surge in the loop Installed front of inverter input and back of inverter output Installed in parallel. The DC surge protective device SPD surge protector is installed in the electric circuit with parallel, the first to play a protective role, the response time in the 25 to 50 nanosecond.


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